Stand Up Paddle

Portfolio Officer: Jon Ivins 0836791769 (

Although currently the club only caters for the recreational SUP paddler, we are trying to change this by working together with SUP Durbs! and getting members to be more proficient and safety concious when venturing into the ocean. We are also trying to encourage members to join SUP Durbs! And participate in their events.

Point Waterfront canals

The Canals are a great place to learn to SUP (also when the sea is rough) and are available for DUC members to use as long as they have a permit. Simply get a permit from XOTB SUP Shop at Marine (Above Surfriders Café)

Training Sessions

SUP’s are welcome to join the Surfski paddlers when they do their inshore paddles which are on a Thursday evening normally around the reef, starting from between 5pm and 5:30pm (depending on the season) or the Bootcamp training session on a Friday around 4pm.

SUP’s also join in the surfski races from Marine and do the short course, which is between 4 and 6 kms. PWC also hosts some surfski races where SUP’s can join in as well.

SUP Disciplines

  • SUP Surfing*
  • Technical Racing*
  • Long Distance Racing*
  • Sprints *
  • Ocean Racing
  • Ocean Downwind
  • Recreation (just cruising)
  • River Paddling (Dusi, Drak and UMKO)
  • SUP Yoga
  • Fishing / Diving / Spear Fishing
  • Adventure

*World Champs