Surf Ski

DUC has a well supported and active Surf Ski section.

DUC is a recognised Canoe South Africa (CSA) club and members can take part in CSA sanctioned events wearing the club colours.
Although members paddle daily, every Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning (conditions permitting) – organised club dices and social paddles are enjoyed by active members. These paddles are very popular and well supported by all levels of paddler from absolute beginner to champions – so don’t be shy – feel free to join in on the paddles without invitation.


Mon      16:30    La Mercy Lagoon        Andre Pohl

Tue        16:00   PWC                            Mark Kelly
16:30   La Mercy Lagoon         Andre Pohl

Thu        06:00 Point Yacht Club (Harbour) Iain Marais & Douge Florence
16:30/17:30 light dependant PWC     Gavin Searl

Fri          16:00    Boot Camp PWC         Iain Marais

Sat        07:00     Geries PWC

Sun        08:00     Geries PWC

In addition Jaquie Boyd has a few beginner and intermediate training sessions during the week and weekend.
Contact Jaquie for more info.

Besides the normal club facilities, DUC paddlers have access to dedicated washing and storage facilities and lessons / advice for beginners.

In order to qualify for a surf ski rack the following criteria are required:

• Must be registered with KNCU ( see details below) and a current paid up member of DUC.

• If you have a KNCU number, you must provide proof that it is valid and paid up.

• Must be Surf Proficient …if you do not qualify as per the following exemption criteria then you MUST do the KNCU surf proficiency   test ( see details below)

You are exempt from doing the surf proficiency test if you have:

1 ) Current  SPA


2) Completed any of the following races in the past year.
• S2B
• Dolphin Coast
• Cape Point
• Durban Surf ski World Cup
• Mouth 2 Mouth

3) Completed a minimum of 4 races in last year’s Durban Winter Series or Cape Town Summer Series

• If not registered with KNCU, then when doing so for the first time you need to do your surf proficiency test.

• To do the surf proficiency test –  contact Jacqui Boyd  on 082 671 5302 or to do your test.

• Please take the attached form with R 50 to your examination with Barry.[ CLICK HERE ]

• Once you have been certified as proficient  you can fill in and register with KNCU through DUC.


1. A rack is a privilege and not a right.
2. Close and secure the doors when you are finished .
3. Do not give the key to anyone.
4. Report any damage.
5. Keep your membership cards on you and don’t abuse the security guard when u have forgotten yours.
6. Rack holders must be aware of and adhere to maritime and harbour safety regulations.
7. Close the locks after using the facility – do not assume someone is coming after you.
8. Park in the correct manner and obey the parking signs / notices.
9. Skis that do not belong to you and are stored in the shed WILL be removed unless you have prior approval.
10. The side of the storage facilities are not  ablution facilities, use the club or the big sea
11. A quick rinse is all that is needed clean your ski – please conserve water
12. Skis to be identified with members KNCU numbers and will undergo a seaworthiness test
13. Racks are to be allocated at renewal to those whose use the club and their ski on a regular basis
14. Expect the cost of renting a rack to increase to cover maintenance and insurance costs
15. Included in the rack fee is insurance on your ski up to R 5000 for Fire and Storm damage whilst on the rack.

Lending out your ski

If you lend out your ski to someone make sure they know the above rules and that they return your ski to the correct rack
if you lend out your ski to anyone you are responsible for their behavior and adherence to our shed rules


Surfski paddling in the sea is a hazardous sport and conditions are unpredictable. As an affiliated KNCU club we are obliged to ensure we operate within the CSA ( Canoeing South Africa ) regulations and aghere to all SAMSA ( Maritime Safety Association) regulations which state the following :

All surfski’s must be marked with a CSA number and identifiable as such and the person paddling the craft must be CSA Registered.

• All skis must have sufficient buoyancy to be able to keep them afloat and provide support to the paddler.

• All touring canoes and kayaks must carry safety equipment in accordance with the regulations. However, when canoes, kayaks and   surf skis are involved in organised events, times trials and regular practice sessions of more than 5 skis, the organisers or members  themselves decide the minimum safety requirements depending on the conditions.

• In any other situation (i.e. less than 5 skis), a buoyancy aid and set of flares is the bare minimum that must be worn or carried.

KNCU Registration and Surf Procficiency.

The KwaZulu-Natal Canoe Union (KNCU) require that paddlers submit a new registration form annually.

To register with KNCU, you should complete the relevant form and return it the DUC office – preferably the original, but fax or e-mail will do. You must mark the  “New Member” or “Transfer” or “re – registration box on the form and put in your club (DUC) [ in the event of a transfer – your old club ID] as well as sign the form. Once we have received your payment into the DUC account, (use your membership # and “KNCU” as reference) DUC will submit the form on your behalf to KNCU as per their requirements.

If registering for the first time with KNCU, proof of successful completion of the Surf Proficiency test is required and this can be done through Barry Lewin (0836600936). Barry will charge a nominal fee for this which you pay directly to him. Once you have completed your surf proficiency test with Barry, you then return the completed proficiency and KNCU forms to the DUC office.

Paddlers who do not wish to enter any races can register with KNCU for a substantially reduced annual fee.As a social paddler this will give you a temporary number but you will not be able to join the lycra brigade in the races with this number.