Spearfishing Rules and Regulations

Spearfishing is the most environmentally sustainable way to harvest a fish for the table and you know exactly where your food comes from which is great but there are laws governing it that needs to be followed at all times.

Spearfishing licence

A spearfishing licence can be bought at any post office and is valid for a year from purchase date and must be either on boat you are diving from or in your car at the beach.

Crayfish licence

Same as above but valid for one season only , season is from the first day of march till the last day of October and only 8 legal size crayfish may be in your possession at any time


Ignorance of the law is no excuse

Please make sure to get a copy of the regulations regarding spearfishing as it is too much to list here, it can be found @ www.daff.gov.za