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DUC & the DIVESITE, are offering PWC members a discounted subscription to The DIVESITE magazine. Enjoy extra member benefits with this great offer from the Dive Site, Exclusive only to PWC club members.

Valid DUC members can request the Discount code by e-mailing
dive@duc.co.za with “DIVEsite code” in the subject line.

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Maximum Sharpness Underwater

The Dive Housing’s flat glass lens allows for maximum photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions, free of vignetting. Waterproof to 197ft / 60m, the dive housing is ideal for diving, snorkeling and any underwater filming scenario.

Valid DUC members can request the Discount code by e-mailing
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ACTION CAMERAS have offered all DUC members 10% off any GoPro products ordered from their website, including All the GoPro cameras.

The coupon code can be used as many times as you like until It expires at the end of the year. The code can be inserted into the 1st page of our site’s shopping cart on www.actioncameras.co.za. Please try not to share this code outside of your club.

NB ** Valid DUC members can request the Discount code by emailing
dive@duc.co.za with “ACTION CAMERAS code” in the subject line.


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