DUC Boat Numbers

To apply for an DUC number for your boat or jet ski ,you will need to be a paid up Ordinary member of DUC.

Please email boating@duc.co.za and state your full name and that you require a DUC Boat Number. Once your boat has been passed with this new DUC Number you will need to send us a copy of the certificate, buoyancy certificate, skippers ticket, photographs, ICASA license or proof of payment thereof for our records. If these are not received your boat will not be allowed to launch.
DUC boat numbers will allow members to launch their DUC registered boats at the Vetch’s Beach Launch site without paying a launch fee. The launch site is controlled by the Durban Ski Boat Club (DSBC) but has to adhere to the Port Captain’s rules and regulations due to the proximity of the launch site to Africa’s busiest harbour entrance.

To apply for a DUC boat number the following is required:

  • Current DUC membership number
  • In date and current Skippers ticket
  • Proof of Boat Seaworthiness and that the form reflects that the boat owner is a DUC member.