Boat Inspections

Club Boat Inspection dates are normally held the last weekend of November. If however for some reason you require to have your boat inspected outside of these dates you will need to please contact the club boating officer to make alternative arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: This option costs almost twice as much as when done on the designated weekend! The “labour” for boat inspections is donated to the club for the official club boat inspection day
You will need to first collect and pay for the applicable forms from the club office. You can then contact the boating officer directly to make arrangements. Please note that you will need to pay the boat inspector of your choice the amount requested by them over and above the fee that you paid at the club office for the forms. The club does not settle the boat inspector on your behalf.
Please find information listed below that you will find useful. This has been put together with the help of our Safety Officers. It has been done in point form so hopefully it will be easy to follow. Make sure your safety equipment is current and marked with your boat number and name. Anchors and ropes to be connected correctly

  1. A safety requirement is a radar reflector-they are about R150.00 at SeaPort, stock is also available at other supply shops
  2. Download SAMSA survey checklist for your category and complete – you can download it from the link displayed on the right of this page. This form needs to be correctly completed by you prior to the physical inspection.
  3. Your 29meg radio you will need a licence and proof that payment is up to date. The person to contact at ICASA is Tuli Dlamini (very helpful and on the ball). Her e-mail address is If you have paid just keep a copy of payment on your boat, as confirmation from them will take a little time.
  4. If you have a VHF radio you should have completed the Radio Operators Certificate. If not, contact ICASA as above.
  5. Trailer: make sure your name, boat number, and contact details are clearly visible on your trailer.
  6. Buoyancy: You will need a copy of your latest buoyancy certificate.
  7. The cost of the forms ( and inspection on the designated day) will be R485 inclusive payable ONLY to the club office either in cash/credit card or EFT. If you do the boat inspection outside of the allotted club boat inspection day, you will need to pay the boat inspector for his time, to be negotiated directly with him.
  8. If you have an DUC number you are required to be inspected by a SAMSA approved surveyor.
  9. Just as a reminder that you must be a paid up member in good standing.