AGM 2018

TO ALL DUC MEMBERS  AGM FEEDBACK! The club was unable to meet the required quorum of 575 water sport members for the AGM to be held on Monday 28th August. Accordingly the date for the AGM is now Monday September 10th at 7pm. The quorum required at this meeting is those members that are present, so this AGM meeting will go ahead. As a recap: Since the last AGM there have been many changes, the most notable being the massive upheaval with the change in venue to our temporary facility; and then the resignation after many years of Cuane Hall and Geoff Phillips after a long and successful tenure at DUC. The move, was initially met with feelings of uneasiness and unhappiness which comes with the unknown, however, the new premises have been nothing but amazing. I am very humbled to be elected Chairwoman, with Butch Murray as vice, of such an exciting and vibrant club and I am privileged to have taken over and enjoy the support of a dynamic committee and dedicated staff. I would really appreciate members support moving forward in the Club. We have many issues arising (inter alia a new club house, proposed changes to the DUC Constitution) in which I am sure you would like to have a voice. The only way to achieve this is to attend the meeting and have a vote. I urge all paid up senior members to attend. You can find the following downloads below:  FINANCIALS :   Annual Financial Statements  PLEASE TAKE NOTE : 1) PROXY FORMS / QUORUM We will not be taking proxy forms this year as we are voting on changes to the DUC Constitution. A change to the quorum clause is one of the items being put forward for amendment in the DUC Constitution.   2) NOMINATIONS FOR THE COMMITTEE Nominations are closed No nominations can be accepted from the floor during the AGM.   3) ITEM NUMBER 13 ON THE AGENDA WHICH DEALS WITH CHANGES TO THE DUC CONSTITUTION The main reason for the changes is to  (last updated in 2007):
  • Deal with changes to align more closely with Durban Ski Boat Club with whom we share facilities;
  • With an eye on developing a future M.O.I for PWC which incorporates both DSBC and DUC
  • Change membership categories to keep in line with changes in membership categories;.
  • To enhance that management of the club by making the club decision making process more streamlined and inclusive.
  4)  VOTERS ROLL – EXPLANATION You may not find your name on the voters roll. This may be for one of the following reasons:
  • You are not a Senior member (defined as a Water Sport member)
  • You were a water sport member, but are now a pensioner
  • You are an associate member – you are “linked” to a main water sport member and enjoy a discounted membership – but no vote
  • You may be an honorary member or social member
  • You have joined DUC within the last month
  • You are not a member of Durban Undersea Club – this email is being sent to all PWC members (including DSBC, PYC affiliate, RNYC reciprocity, DPSC affiliate and Point Resident members which obviously do not attend the DUC AGM)
If you would like to query your membership status, please send an email to, but only do so if you intend to attend the AGM. One of the items on the Agenda is to change the constitution so that all members can have a vote at club meetings (see section 11 in proposed constitution) so your current non-water sport membership status will not be an issue in future unless you would like a voice in water sport matters. To change your membership status to water sport you may be asked for third party verification (eg KNCU surf ski registration, Dive certification, etc) NOTE – you need to be a paid up member for the 2018/19 membership year to attend the AGM The bar will not be open before the meeting but will be immediately after the meeting so you can catch up with acquaintances over a drink. Light snacks will be served after the meeting. Thanking you and looking forward to a great 2018/19   LOUISA VAN STADEN Chairwoman   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE RECONVENED 66th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE DURBAN UNDERSEA CLUB WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2018   AT 19H00 SHARP AT THE DUC CLUBHOUSE, VETCH’S PIER, DURBAN.   AGENDA
  1. To establish the presence of a quorum.
  2. To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13th September 2017
  3. To receive the outgoing Chairman’s Report (Cuane)
  4. To receive the incoming Chairman’s Report (Louisa)
  5. To receive the outgoing Vice-Chairman’s report (Geoff)
  6. To receive the Vice Chairman’s report (Butch)
  7. To receive the club managers report for the last year (Paul)
  8. To receive the Treasurer’s Report, audited Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure account of the Financial Year immediately passed (Ian / Butch)
  9. To receive the reports of the Committee on the activities of the club in the past year.
  10. To present the Club Trophies
  11. To elect the Auditor.
  12. To elect Officer bearers
  13. To vote on the amended constitution (see : for old and new constitution)
  14. General