DUC Shootout 2016

Welcome to the 6th DUC Underwater Photography Competition Shootout!
The organising committee of the DUC Underwater photography Shootout are excited to announce the following changes to the Underwater photography competition. These changes have been initiated after careful consultation with underwater shooters throughout Southern Africa
DUC Shootout 2016
 2016 CHANGES:
1. The competition shooting area now includes the inland waters of Southern Africa
2. A PRO section has been introduced – there are now 4 categories!.
3. A more affordable tiered entry fee for each category

The theme of the DUC Underwater Photography Competition remains the same:
To provide a platform where underwater photographers can show case their favourite dive sites throughout Southern Africa.
From the East Coast to the West Coast, to deep wrecks, to shallow rock pools, Coelacanths, shark diving, whales, pristine coral reefs and their inhabitants and now the inland waters of Southern Africa – there is a plethora of underwater photographic opportunities available!

 SHOOTING AREA: Inland and Coastal waters of Southern Africa
(including fresh water, rivers, dams, etc!)
(including Mozambique, West coast, Namibia, etc!)
PRO section: ENTRY FEE R300
Advanced: ENTRY FEE R200
Intermediate: ENTRY FEE R150
Novice: ENTRY FEE R100
 BEGIN: 1st of February 2016
 END: 3rd of May 2016


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