The 8th DUC Shootout took place between 1st December 2017 and the 30th of June 2018.

The committee of DUC Shootout invited underwater photographers of all skill levels to take part in this national underwater photographic competition. The theme of the competition was to provide a platform where underwater photographers can expose their favorite dive sites throughout Southern Africa. From the East Coast to the West Coast, to deep wrecks, to shallow rock pools, Coelacanths, shark diving, whales, pristine coral reefs and their inhabitants and the inland waters of Southern Africa – there is a plethora of underwater photographic opportunities available!
DUC Shootout 2016

The organizers of the DUC Shootout strive to give the underwater photographers a fair, rewarding and economical means to compete and at the same time show case the immense beauty of both the coastal and inland waters of Southern Africa.

This was the second year of the new format that included the following changes:

  • The shooting area was increased to include the inland waters of Southern Africa
  • A PRO section was added taking the number of categories to 4
  • A more affordable tiered entry fee for each category was introduced

The 2018 DUC shootout was convened by Allen Walker. Allen again invited five international award winning photographers to judge the submissions of the 2018 shootout.
The judges this year were:

  • Michel Lonfat
  • Markus Roth
  • Tanya Houppermans
  • Gregory Lecoeur
  • Shin Arunrugstichai

Amazing prizes, top judges and the freedom to capture images from Mozambique to the Cape as well as the inland waters of SA once again proved to be a great platform to showcase the diversity of our aquatic ecosystems in Southern Africa.

In a first for the DUC SHOOTOUT, we had an international contestant win the overall competition!

The committee are really pleased with the interest from overseas competitors and the healthy competition that it brings to the South African underwater photographic community!

Prizes for the DUC SHOOTOUT 2018 exceeded R100 000 in total value. Being able to raise sponsorship of this level and quality is testimony to the sound ROI model the competition adheres to, as well as the excellent work of Lorraine Longhurst and Alma Chalupsky who facilitated prizes up to 4th place!

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