PWC Update on beach access

Dear DSBC and DUC members


The construction of the promenade under which the new PWC clubhouse is situated is reaching the stage where the contractor is starting on the finishing touches. Part of this process is the landscaping of the beach in front of the promenade and the construction of a line of vegetated dunes in front of the new clubhouse.



How this affects you is as follows:


  • Due to a lack of parking in the club grounds, Transnet and the club have in the past allowed 2 x4  vehicles with paddle water craft on their roofs to proceed to the beach and park on the North Breakwater groyne hard parking area. This area is now being used to stock pile the soil needed for the vegetated dunes and there is no longer space to park vehicles there. (See attached picture). So until further notice, we not be able to allow 2 x 4 vehicles to access the north harbour breakwater groyne.


  • Until further notice, only 4 x 4 vehicles will be allowed to proceed to the beach to launch water craft when it is suitable to do so. 4 x 4 vehicles will be able to park on the beach as directed by the beach and launch control staff. Please stay away from the water’s edge and park as high up on the beach as possible in a nice straight line like in the army.


  • 4 x 4 drivers and self-launch skippers please note: From Monday 26th August to Friday 30th August – 4 x 4’s will not be able to access the beach due to the levelling of the beach and the construction vehicles that will be active on the beach. Due to this activity, the beach sand will be churned up and soft. Boats will still be able to be launched but by club tractor only.




To make an omelette, we have to break eggs.



Thank you


The PWC Committee

PWC Committee – Club News

Dear DSBC and DUC members


With membership renewal season upon us, the most common question being asked by renewing members is, “ When are we expecting to move to the new clubhouse.”  At this stage the contractor is on target to complete the scope of work on the promenade under which the new clubhouse is accommodated during September / October, after which the premises will be handed over to the clubs to begin fitting out.


As to when we will actually be sitting with our toes in the sand, that is a bit more difficult to answer due to the many variables involved.


The committees of both clubs are busy with planning the future move and detailed plans have been drawn up and are in the process of being fine-tuned before being put forward to the membership for comment. As the club is getting a “box” with a power point, water point, front glass and back wall, there is the opportunity for club members to put their hands up when it comes to being considered for providing the requirements for fitting out the clubhouse.  


To ensure transparency and the best value for your membership buck, the committees are looking at obtaining at least three quotes before any work on fitting out the club is awarded. Starting with the basics, the committees will soon be looking at electrical, plumbing, brickwork, dry walling and IT infrastructure to start off with. If you think that you have a service or product that the club may require for the fit out, please send an email to with the details.


Attached are some pictures of the temporary structure as it was when PWC first moved in November 2017 and what it looks like today with the construction going on around it. Also attached is a recent picture of the new promenade under which the new permanent PWC clubhouse will be situated. We hope that you are excited about our future as we are.


The PWC Committee

SA Master Championship

DUC recently sent a team to compete at the `National Masters in Cape Town. 

Our side finished an admiral 5th place.

League Water Polo.

Two sides were entered in the Kzn Water Polo.

The A Side finished Top of the Log.

Mini Tournaments

There will be 2 mini tournaments between DUC, PMB, Richards Bay and the South Coast underwater hockey clubs to look forward to in the new year, so if you are interested in playing the best sport on earth, contact the club or myself for more info.

Ryan Hansen


We Were the Champions!

We were the champions!!!!

This is the first time a team from Natal has won the Men’s A league of SA Interclub championships.

We also won the bronze medal for placing 3rd in the overall standings of the tournament, which included the French and SA Elite. Their final was played after ours.

After an epic final showdown between these two top teams, the French narrowly beat the Bok Elite 3-2 in a thrilling test match.

These teams drew against each other in the round robin, and in the matches on the Sunday after the tournament the Boks beat them twice. Prize giving followed soon afterwards so everyone could get to a TV to watch the Boks smash England, so overall a great day for us.

Final results as follows:

  • DUC Men’s A – 1st place in the Men’s A League
  • DUC Ladies A – 3rd place in the Ladies A League
  • PMB – 4th place in the Men’s B League
  • DUC Men’s B – 6th place in the Men’s B League

A festive final function was held at the Border Boat Club on the beachfront, and a great time was had by all. A training camp was held at the pool on the Sunday morning for all the SA Elite players, as well as those trying to get into the squad, and the French national side. After the two test matches all the players were split into 4 teams of 11, and each team played each other once. These games were great fun and the level of hockey was very high.

The flights back on the Sunday were a lot more organised than on the way there, and everyone got home safely. So now we can celebrate our hard efforts for the year as we move into the Festive season, before the hard work and training starts off again early next year.

DUC Underwater Cleanup!

A most successful morning removing rubbish but also rescuing small sea creatures from living in the trash.



Recycle Waste Station at the Club

The club has a new Environmental Officer, Lesley, and her first project was to set up a recycling station at the club. Initially this was just for club waste, but now that it is up and running smoothly, Lesley is inviting members who would like to recycle but do not have access to adequate facilities, to make use of the club’s recycle station.

The club can handle:

• Cans
• Glass bottles
• Cardboard
• Plastic bottles and wrapping
• Paper

Please bring only the above items – we can’t handle just any old junk you have lying around at home!?
You can find the recycling station next to the dive locker behind the kitchen entrance where the dustbins are.


Cruise Ship Activity

Some of the cruise ship activity expected at Durban harbour for March 2019. We have the best view to watch these beauties arrive & depart.

5th. “AEGEAN ODYSSEY” (Voyages to Antiquity); Arrives 8am; Departs at 20h00.

8th. “CRYSTAL SERENITY” (Crystal); Arrives 7am; Departs at 19h00.

12th.”SEABOURN SOJOURN” (Seabourn); Arrives 8am. Departs on 13-03 at 17h00.

26th. “ASTOR” (C.M.V.) Arrives 8am; Departs at 18h00.

30th. “PACIFIC PRINCESS” (Princess); Arrives 7am; Departs at 17h00.

MSC MUSICA” Calls March 01st; 04th; 08th; 11th; 15th; 18th; 22nd; 25th; 29th.


Tonight’s full moon will be the largest and closest supermoon of 2019.

A supermoon is a full or new moon that coincides with the point when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit. The moon on February 19 will appear 7 percent larger and 15 percent brighter than usual