Jet Ski Protocol

20/02/2014 : Jet Ski Protocol Meeting-Durban Ski Boat Club

The following Jet Ski Protocol was agreed:

  • The water area from the yellow buoy at the end of Vetch’s reef to the beach is a wake free zone.
  • Although 29mg radios were stipulated VHF radios are acceptable. Whilst cell phones are a good additional safety feature they are no substitute.
  • All DTD and KZN numbers (this applies to current members of the PWC) must be re-inspected and DUC or S numbers issued.
  • The practice of leaving Jet Skis unattended on the shore zone is not allowed——–all craft to be trailered and removed from the zone, once they have returned from fishing.
  • A focus committee is in place and they will spearhead to new safety initiative.
  • All visiting craft that are registered with a NDSAA club are to report to the tower. The boat must be inspected and the guest is to be taken through a protocol procedure.The visiting skipper is to sign  a prepared check list.
  • There will be a very evident presence of DSBC safety officers on all weekends. They are to be issued with yellow T shirts, embroided “DSBC Safety Officer” They will also be given blue DSBC shorts.
  • Visiting craft that are not affiliated will be inspected, and given the protocol procedure. They will pay R250 before launching.
  • All skippers to radio the DSBC tower on Channel 19 (29mg) or Channel 8 if on VHF. Please identify the channel being used. Example: This is Jet Ski S667 calling on VHF channel 8, do you receive?
    Each craft to check their radio function with the tower before launching, and also to ask permission to beach.
  • All jet skis to make sure they keep clear of yachts that are anchored in Vetch’s basin.

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