SEAKEYS – Citizen Science Projects

SeaKeys, Citizen Science Project – The SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute) marine programme along with WWF is currently running various marine atlasing projects. Through SeaKeys, We are attempting to map the distribution of coral, nudibranch (sea slugs) and fish species in the ocean around South Africa. This is a citizen science initiative and as such we thought that Durban Undersea Club members might be interested in participating.

Participation in SeaKeys is through the online platform iSpot ( where users can upload photographs of marine species along with information on where the photograph was taken. This is a fantastic programme that works like an online identification guide where you can post photographs, get species identified by experts and work on your own identification skills.

So far the photographs uploaded have resulted in species range extensions and the finding of new species previously not known in South Africa. Several users have also been approached by experts with requests for their photographs to be used in publications.

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