Environmental Portfolio

Durban Undersea Club prides itself on being an Environmentally conscientious club and as such has an Environmental committee portfolio. Lesley keeps a tab on the club’s environmental impact and, being an educator based a UShaka Marine World, Lesley has the knowledge and experience to educate and guide the club members in environmental issues.

Lesley has overseen the introduction of environmentally friendly products into the clubhouse biodegradable take away containers and straws as well as the setting up of the club recycling station. Lesley has been actively involved in arranging beach and ocean clean ups and is a eco warrior when it comes to plastic pollution.

DUC is actively involved in encouraging the members to recycle and we have stations set up at the back of the club.  Get on the Green team and recycle as the club offers facility for this activity

We Also Actively promote international clean up days.

Lesley Labuschagne 083 656 9364