DUC 2014 BEACH CLEAN UP  was well attended and mercifully, the weather was really good. Please will you post the following pics and comments on the DUC FB page.

On Saturday 20 September, DUC along with Enviroserve and Transet took part in the International Coastal Clean-up. 70 people gathered at DUC to pick up as much rubbish as possible along the beach between the Ushaka and North pier. There was lots of enthusiasm and 26 bags and 83 kg’s of rubbish were collected. The most common items picked up were cigarette butts, bottle caps, straws and tiny pieces of plastic. These items are particularly dangerous to marine animals and should not be on our beaches. Everyone using Vetch’s beach can make a difference by not throwing their cigarettes on the beach and making sure all rubbish is taken home or thrown in the bin.

A huge thanks to all who took part in the DUC clean-up, including the Enviroserve and Transnet team. It was a great collective effort and we look forward to more joint environmental events in the future.

Photos and captions:

Thanks to Lorraine Ludlow, Skyla Pires, Jason Holmes, Caryn Nel and Lauren Halvorsen for collecting 10 kg’s of trash from Vetch’s beach. Big thanks also to Labour Force for donating T-shirts and caps.

Well done to Tezz and Kai Olds for helping clean up Vetch’s beach.

26 bags and 83 kg’s of rubbish picked up from Vetch’s beach.

The clean-up team: DUC, Enviroserve and Transnet.

Proud participants of the 2014 DUC beach clean-up.



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