DUC Environmental Portfolio

The Environmental Portfolio is relatively new at DUC and the aim is to promote a environmentally friendly club. What exactly does that mean? Well, firstly, all of DUC members have joined because they have a love and affinity for the ocean. The ocean is critical to our well beings as humans because it regulates our climate, produces half of the world’s ocean and produces food for millions of people. In addition, we use it for recreation and it provides us with a sense of place.

Despite its vastness, the ocean is fragile and many things threaten the huge variety of ecosystems that maintain balance in the ocean. So we all need to get involved and look after it.

At DUC, we want to educate people about the ocean, we want to help keep our beaches and oceans clean, and we want to reduce our environmental footprint. There are many ways in which we are trying to achieve this, such as beach clean-up events, marine education courses, recycling our refuse and reducing our energy usage.

To keep up to date with the latest environmental happenings, check out the DUC Face Book page and visit the DUC website regularly.

To join the environmental mailing list or for more information, contact our Environmental Office, Camilla Floros : environment.duc@gmail.com

Camilla Floros PhD
DUC Environmental Portfolio Officer
Scientist – Reef Ecology Specialist
082 893 6919

DUC participates annually in many eco events through out the year , most commonly the annual Beach clean up

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