Tractors and Tractor Drivers

Tractors When there are lots of boats launching at the Vetches launch site, DSBC (who control the launch site, remember!) will operate the golf ball system for tractors.Here is the plan:
  • You get a golf ball and put your boat number on it with an indelible Koki pen
  • On arrival you put your golf ball in the pipe that is fixed on the opposite wall to the entrance to the DSBC.
  • One of your crew stands by the pipe and when your numbered golf ball pops out you get the next tow. If you are not ready when the ball pops out your golf ball goes back in at the top, and you wait your turn again.
  • This applies to all boats, be they shelter stored craft, or towed to the club, and it includes visitors. Your crew must stand in the line, when busy tractor drivers have been briefed to only go to the golf ball queue to pick up the next tow.
  • Please look out for visitors and guide them to Karen’s table so she can be of help to them.
PLEASE REMEMBER: ONLY NIGHT RATED BOATS CAN LAUNCH BEFORE FIRST LIGHT!! PLEASE ABIDE BY THE RULES FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY! Tractor Drivers There are three tractor drivers that live on site at DSBC: Blessing, Welcome and Twenty. Some of you know where their rooms are and wake them up at all hours to get them to launch you. Please note that are not paid by DSBC to work during the night. You are welcome to wake them up so that they can assist you but please make sure you remunerate them for their time. These guys work really long hours when the weather is good. Please be patient when they are trying to launch lots of boats in the morning. They go as fast as they can! All three are awesome, humble men who work extremely hard. Please treat them as you would wish to be treated! We thank you for your co-operation in this regard!