Paper Work

  1. You need to first ensure you are a paid up member of the club and then pay for your inspection forms.
  2. Collect for your COF form to the office (Yellow, white & pink form) You will need to keep your receipt or proof of payment for your forms as this will be your ONLY way to collect your Inspection form from the boat inspectors on the club boat inspection day. If you boat was inspected by a non DUC or DSBC surveyor you will need to provide them with proof of good standing with your club and ensure that ALL the documents are returned to the DUC. office together.
  3. In summary you will need
    • COF – which reflect that the owner of the boat is a club member
    • Buoyancy certificate
    • Skippers ticket
    • Radio licenses
    • SAMSA check list completed
    • Harbour permit form (optional)
    • If any EFT payments have been made, please bring proof of payment.