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Thursday 26th October 2017:
Today  was a landmark day for The Point Water Sports Club (PWC)

A settlement agreement has been reached at the eleventh hour on the court house steps whereby the Point Yacht Club (PYC) and the Durban Paddle Ski Club (DPSC) relinquished their claims against the PWC, Durban Undersea Club (DUC) and the Durban Ski Boat Club (DSBC).

PWC, DUC and DSBC as well as their appointed directors and executives have been subjected to numerous malicious, unwarranted and costly legal applications instituted by PYC and DPSC over the past 18 months

We have held fast to our principles, in that our members interests are best served by not entering into petty posturing on social media platforms to get our points of view across.

We are therefore pleased to announce, that urgent requests for settlement from the PYC and DPSC, to the Durban Point Development Company (DPDC) and ourselves has led to the conclusion of a very satisfactory settlement being reached between all parties.

The PYC representatives have had to immediately resign as directors from the board of the PWC and both PYC and DPSC have dropped all litigation against PWC, DUC, DSBC, DPDC, and the municipality.

We are pleased to advise that only 2 clubs will now comprise the PWC, namely DUC and DSBC.

The development will now go ahead at a rapid pace, and we will all be vacating our four current club sites by the 14th November 2017 to facilitate this process.

The sole rights to occupy the new temporary site are vested in the PWC in terms of the lease signed with the developers. PWC will control and manage all aspects of the PWC site to the advantage of our members.

PWC has agreed to accommodate the members of PYC and DPSC during the temporary period on a temporary member / visitor basis on terms to be finalised by PWC management.

In our efforts to facilitate the settlement in the best interests of all parties, PWC have relinquished a small portion of the future new Permanent Club to PYC and DPSC. These clubs will enter into their own lease with the developers in this regard.

The future joint PYC/DPSC facility will not have a F&B offering and to this end PWC will accommodate their members on a temp / visitor basis when we are able to.

PWC members will always have preferential rights to all aspects of their club.

The above has been made an order of the court.

We look forward to our new exciting club and wish to thank the developers and wish them all success with their venture.

The DUC Executive Committee


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