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PWC UPDATE: 14th of August 2017

At the Point Watersports Club (PWC) board meeting held on Monday 14th of August 2017, at which all of the Directors were present, a Resolution was passed by the majority of the Directors to sign the temporary and permanent leases, in accordance with the mandate given to the respective directors by their club members.

We thereafter obtained further legal advice from our attorneys to clarify certain issues raised by the PYC Directors at that meeting.

We are pleased to announce that the leases have been signed between PWC and the Developers and our future within the new development is secure.

DUC looks forward to being an integral part of the PWC water sports community within the dynamic new beachfront precinct envisaged by the Developers and the City.

The DUC Executive would like to thank the members of DUC for their vision and ongoing support.


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