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We are very fortunate to have Paul Smit As our Club Manager. He has a wealth of knowledge & experience having come from an active background in the Diving industry. He served as a Past Scuba officer, and is still an active Padi Dive instructor & DM. Please get hold of  Paul Smit if you need to get hold of any of the Committee members below :
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I have been a member of DUC for about 8 years, being an active member of the Surfski section and certified open water one diver. I have been practicing as an attorney for over 25 years, and also a conveyancer, with rights to appear in the High Court and also accredited by the Law Society as a mediator. I have been an active member on previous club committees and was on the Board for a short period at Wykeham Collegiate School. I am passionate about most sports, and participate in paddling, cycling, golf, swimming and running. My paddling started on the river over 10 years ago. Surfski was a natural progression and with the beautiful warm waters and paddling conditions Durban has on offer all year round. I have been fortunate to have paddled nearly every Surfski race in the country. When I am not on the water, I love the outdoors. Camping and hiking being high on the list.




I  have a financial background and qualification, and have had a financial consulting business for the past 20 years. I have been involved in a lot of water-sport activities including Surf-lifesaving, Scuba, Canoeing and Surfski paddling.  I was one of the original surfski paddlers to become a member of DUC and have participated in most of the iconic surfski and canoe races on the South African calendar and the odd international event.  I continue to participate in the sport on a regular basis and feel privileged to be part of the DUC membership.


I am a qualified teacher & Varsity lecturer in accounts.
Currently I am a financial administrator of companies & part time wife, Mother, & Budding Pro Golfer!   


I was a K9 handler with SAPS Durban for 10 years. After I left the Police, I founded the dye staining industry to protect cash in the event of robbery. I am now work with Stewards Financial Custodians as a senior broker in their Forex Division. I have a category C coastal skippers ticket and open water dive qualification.




B.Compt (Hons) UNISA Professional Accountant (SA) Professional Tax Practitioner (SA)Self employed as professional consultant to auditors and various companies -Member DUC since about 1982





I have been spearfishing for 20 years and competed in several national championships representing KZN and as well as competing in countless smaller competitions through the years. I was also part of the wahoo spearfishing club committee before we became part of the DUC family.




I am a Web, DTP & layout designer by trade and Mom of two awesome boys. I’m Passionate about all things scuba and oceanic. I Started diving in 2006 and have’nt stopped. I have been Scuba officer for Duc since 2009 and i love the opportunity it gives me to share my passion with others like me.
EVERY DIVE IS A TREASURE HUNT, as every dive you WILL see something you have Never seen before. Who could resist! 
  I’ve played Underwater Hockey since 1991. I started playing socially in Winter to keep fit for crayfishing and spearfishing. Met a bunch of great guys that played and became my dive buddies. We bought boats and drank beer together. I really enjoyed the social aspect as well as the added benefit of keeping up my fitness for spearfishing.  I moved through the ranks of playing socially before playing for the DUC team. I played Nationals for the Natal B team and then for the A team. During these periods i became the DUC UWH officer for many years. I also became involved in running UWH for Durban and later tournament director for UWH for SA. In 2004 I decided to take my UWH to a new level. I made the masters Protea side playing Australia and New Zealand in a tri nations tournament in Durban. Then in 2006 I  was selected for the SA masters team to play in Sheffield world champs at which I got my protea colours and we came home with Silver. I was also the team manager for the senior SA teams playing at the 2006 world champs. I still play UWH with 1 of my son’s Dylan. It’s an amazing sport. Come and join us for an evening of fun.


A portfolio manager at a bank by day, wannabe underwater photographer any other time in between!I enjoy wildlife, underwater and aviation photography which is how I like to show people how very fortunate we are to live in South Africa!
I am the photographic officer at Durban Undersea Club. Being involved in the club, I have been privileged to meet and shoot with some of the top photographers in SA. You can contact me on Email:
Cell: 082 8899 188


I am very active and enjoy paddling, cycling and gym. I started paddling in 2011 and very quickly became hooked. In 2013 I co-founded the Paddling Academy which has taught over 600 students the beginner course in Surfski paddling.  I love being on the water and teaching students. Having seen so many lives transform dramatically through the love of Surfski paddling has been extremely rewarding. In 2015 we started the first Durban Undersea Club Surfski race series called the Open Ocean Challenge which has grown each year through the support of our title sponsor Bay Union and the support of the GERIATSKIS. In 2017 we started a development paddling group of 10 young kids from Umgababa who have grown in leaps and bounds and have achieved a few podium places in the Bay Union Open Ocean Challenge this year. Our development team are also sponsored by Bay Union (Pty) Ltd. At the beginning of 2018 we teamed up with CSA, KNCU, and a handful of the top woman surfski paddlers to start a woman’s Surfski clinic to encourage more woman to join the sport. We held 3 clinics this year and introduced more than 60 woman to paddling. In a new initiative with CSA and KNCU, we will take an additional 60 development kids through our beginner Surfski program and each of them will receive a Surfski proficiency certificate on completion.
  I have been involved in SUP (Stand Up Paddling) for over 10 years. It is my passion. I enjoy the fact that there are so many things you can do on a SUP. I am the current Legends (+45) SA SUP SURF Champ 2018, I have completed 4 Dusi’s on SUP, I fish, I dive, I race and cruise with Dolphins on my SUP, sometimes with my dog, ‘Dexter’. It is a great family sport as well and just about anyone can do it. I am also the current chairman of SUP Durbs! (the biggest SUP club in SA)





I work at the Oceanographic Research Institute where I spend many hours away from the office at sea, and often in it. As such, the ocean is an important part of my life, as well as being a part of our planet that is little understood and requires respect. This is particularly due to the amount of joy it provides us all.

My aim is to share information on the environment, particularly the ocean. DUC provides a perfect platform for this with it being an ocean-focused club. In doing so I hope to encourage people to be more conscious of the world around them and how our choices impact it.




I am passionate about all water sports and have been for many years. I joined DUC approx. 12 yrs ago. I started fishing off a Crocker ski in 1986, however since then, the crafts have changed some -what and today we fish off modern and much longer ski’s. I am about to complete my second term as the portfolio officer for the Fishing ski portfolio and hopefully get voted back on. My goal is to build this healthy sport within the club and hopefully it grows from strength to strength. As more and more of the younger generation are attracted to this sport. Most importantly, I try and promote safety first from all launch sites and within the Paddle ski enthusiasts and community.



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I have been sailing for about 40 years with my Durban sailing starting in 2004 and obtained KZN, Transvaal and Free State colours for sailing. I have sailed  Flying Fish, Hunter 19’s, a First Class 10, after that a Whitbread 30 and own a J22 called Running With Scissors.  I have participated in two Vasco da Gama races.  I joined Royal Natal in 2006 and was their 150th Anniversary Member of the year in 2008 and their Rear Commodore from 2013 to 2015 and has headed up sailing for DUC since 2016. I presently also own a dart called Blue Edge and a Halcat called Bazinga and am most passionate  Catamarans especially in Durban testing off-shore conditions.