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By James S. Grotstein

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This paintings is a "beginning", a primer to clarify common ideas on how the psychoanalyst or psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist may perhaps optimally supply and keep the surroundings for the psychoanalysis, take heed to and procedure the analysand's loose institutions, and eventually intrude with interpretations—principally from the Kleinian/Bionian point of view, together with the modern London post-Kleinians and modern day Kleinians and Bionians in other places. Grotstein follows that culture in respecting the foundational paintings of Klein's unique contributions and demonstrating how they certainly emerge into modern (post-) Kleinian and "Bionian" pondering.

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In her view such immediate interpretations, even though so limited, offer the best hope of working towards psychic change. [in Joseph, 1989, p. 2; all italics added] Put another way, Joseph, like a skilled surgeon, shows technical respect for “soft tissue”—Joseph’s way of recognizing infant and childhood traumatic situations that return ineluctably via the repetition compulsion (Joseph, 1959). They point out that she is particularly interested in 32 VOLUME ONE: PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY AND TECHNIQUE “how these patients use words to carry out actions that have an effect on the analyst’s state of mind” (p.

Kleinians, mindful of Freud’s injunction that the analytic session itself can be considered to be a dream, tend to view real persons—whole objects—as signifiers (projective identifications, alter egos, displacements, encoded derivatives) of different aspects of the analysand and/or the latter’s view of the analyst on the basis of part- or whole-object relations. This presumption is also based on the Kleinian principle of genetic or developmental continuity (Isaacs, 1952), which suggests that every analysand, in parallel with every infant, must progress from the paranoid-schizoid to the depressive position by first working through their persecutory anxiety with regard to part-objects, projected, and then introjected versions of objects from which the infant or analysand does not yet experience separation or individuation.

Klein’s (1940, 1946) theory of the “paranoid-schizoid” and “depressive positions” and Bion’s (1962a, 1962b) concept of “container/contained”—to which may be added Ogden’s (1986) idea of the “matrix” and my notion of the “background presence of primary identification” and the “covenant”—can be conceived of as psychoanalytic developmental models that run parallel with that of attachment theory. If one were to link them together, one might hypothesize that the contour of how the infant experiences being in the paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions is a function of (determined by) how it experiences bonding from and attachment to its objects.

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