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By Robert Hatch, Phil Brucato, Steven C. Brown

Darkness Lives in Lands Beyond...

...the corridors of Doissetep or the steaming jungles of Moreauvia, the place mages ply their exchange. In custom-built Horizon nation-states, those wizards construct Chantries, strongholds in their could and monuments to their vanity.

Bearers of the sunshine Beware!

Intrigue and betrayal, insanity and hubris, greet viewers to those hidden lands. the trail to Ascencsion takes many kinds, and the temptation to stray from one's selected direction is powerful. A mage isn't really secure, even in the partitions of her personal Chantry.

The booklet of Chantries is a sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension, detailing the mages' areas of power.

This complement includes:

Ten entire strongholds; culture Chantries, Technocracy Constucts and Nephandi Labyrinths, together with over forty NPCs.

A ready-to-run situation starring Samuel Haight, the werewolf skinner.

Complete principles for growing your personal Chantry.

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Such examples could be the draining of a swamp to fill a reservoir or the destruction of a sacred fey woodland by the woodcutters of a nearby city. • The character must isolate himself in the wilderness for a period of one month, using nothing but his skills to live.

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