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By Andrea Piccioli, Valentina Gazzaniga, Paola Catalano

ISBN-10: 3319194844

ISBN-13: 9783319194844

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ISBN-13: 9783319194851

This ebook offers the result of a different macroscopic and radiological research, by way of X-ray and CT experiment, of the bone pathologies of approximately 1800 matters who lived on the time of the Roman Empire (first and moment centuries A.D.) and whose is still have been recovered through the excavation of a suburban necropolis of Rome. The survey, which represents a collaboration among the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology and the targeted Superintendent for the Archaeological background of Rome, has yielded excellent photos of alternative orthopaedic illnesses in a interval whilst no surgical procedure was once on hand: there are instances of an infection (osteomyelitis), metabolic illness (gout), hematologic affliction (multiple myeloma), aggravating lesions and their problems and degenerative pathology (osteoarthritis, really secondary and overload). A multidisciplinary staff together with orthopaedists, paleopathologists, radiologists and scientific historians has evaluated the most important teams of bone affliction within the inhabitants checking out great circumstances and imagine of ortho-traumatologic pathologies in a pre-surgical period. The homogeneity of the pattern and the variety of topics make this a learn of basic importance.

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Dasen, H. King, A. E. Hanson, M. Green, A. Krug, J. Scarborough, Ph. van der Eijke, L. Bliquez, I. Mazzini, S. Fortuna, S. Sconocchia, Ph. Mudry, F. Stok and A. Touwaide [69]. The study of these authors have demonstrated that the art of medicine in Rome is more than a simple reflection on the cultural background acquired from the classical Greece [70]; the new ideas, the outlook changes, the technological and methodological innovation make the Roman medicine a peculiar and highly complex competence, able to set again the “long terms” of its theoretical base unit adapting them to the sanitary and social needs of a very wide population, characterized by deep habits and customs differences.

As well as bacteria, some parasites can also be identified through their genetic material preserved during time. Indeed, we are often not 33 only interested in identifying the effects of some parasitic diseases on mummified bodies, but in recovering and analysing the genetic material pertinent to the parasitic agents. , identified by the analysis of the cardiac lesions in mummies from Atacama desert [124]. Since the end of the 1990s a series of studies have begun to identify and isolate Trypanosomacruzi DNA, starting from 4000-year-old Peruvian mummies [125].

14); how to build this traction table was already found in the text Joints, and it will be discussed by future generations of doctors, from Rufus from Ephesus, to Galen, Oribasius and Paul from Aegina, thus becoming a very popular topic, and the reference point for corrections and constant modernizations that will occur in the history of orthopaedic surgery up until the modern era [74]. Most probably, some orthopaedic information must have been contained in a lost work by Hippocrates on war injuries, where working as an army physician was recommended as a way to acquire anatomical knowledge and rapidly effective therapeutic techniques [75].

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