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By Simon R. Green

ISBN-10: 1101548290

ISBN-13: 9781101548295

Rupert didn't particularly are looking to be a prince. And he definitely by no means requested to be the second one son of a royal line that actually didn't desire a spare. So he used to be despatched out to slay a dragon and end up himself-a quest immediately out of legend. yet he additionally came across the types of items legends are likely to pass over, in addition to the standard demons, goblins, the scary evening Witch-and even worse terrors hidden within the shadows of Darkwood.  
Rupert did discover a fiery dragon-and a gorgeous princess to rescue. however the dragon grew to become out to be a greater good friend than an individual again on the fortress, and with the evil of Darkwood spreading, Rupert used to be going to wish the entire buddies he may get.

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