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By Stormy Glenn, Joyee Flynn

ISBN-10: 1610340124

ISBN-13: 9781610340120

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You knew we had sex. You even told your mother we did, except you did nothing when she treated me like shit. ” “That’s not true,” Constantine said. “It meant everything. ” “That’s all it was to you, wasn’t it? ” Owen rolled his eyes. “Well, congratulations, Mr. ” Owen started toward the door, and Constantine couldn’t stand it anymore. He stalked across the room and grabbed Owen, swinging the man around into his arms. ” he said, right before he claimed Owen’s lips with his own. Owen resisted for just a moment, his body stiff in Constantine’s arms before he melted.

Owen’s lips started to turn up at the corners, and Christian was sure he had him, but then suddenly they stopped and turned back down. Owen started shaking his head and went back to tugging on the blanket. “That sounds real nice, Christian, but I just don’t see it happening. Constantine doesn’t want me. He never did. Now that he has you, he doesn’t even need me. And I can’t—” “Oh, for the love of Mike,” Christian snapped. “Get your fucking head out of your ass, would you? Constantine is crazy about you.

A wonderful taste had filled his mouth while he drank from his little angel. Then he’d had the most intense orgasm of his life while loving how his angel felt. Constantine just couldn’t figure out what was real and what his brain had filled in? Was Owen really his little angel? Or was his little angel a figment of his bloodlust? It was driving him crazy! Constantine tried his hardest to push the thoughts from his mind, which only had the opposite effect and made him think of his dream man even more.

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