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The link between the sections was therefore made according to the upper edge of the lowermost escarpment of the Pichoux For- mation which is well recognizeable on both sides of the gorge. Beds 3 to 15 of section RG 315 are brownish-grey, micritic limestones that weather back. Bed 16 is more resistant, it forms an overhang above a cave. 5 m of it, is marly and weathers back. The base of this bed is interpreted to correspond to the transgression surface near St-Ursanne where the coral bioherms of the upper St-Ursanne Formation start above the oolite ofthe lower St-Ursanne Formation.

The groundmass is micrite up to bed 45. It becomes partly sparite in bed 46, the last of the Hauptmumienbank Member. Bed 49 is an oomicrite with micritized ooids that are lined with a brown crust. The petroleum-green groundmass is mostly dolomitized and contains much detrital quartz with a grain size of up to 250 microns. This is the typical facies of the Oolithe Rousse Member. The oldest bed of the Balsthal Formation (Laufen Member) is no. 50. It is an oncolitic floatstone with a dolomitized and dedolomitized micritic groundmass.

4, therefore the beds are numbered from the top to the base. At the base of the section on the quarry floor is bed 88, a white, porous lime mudstone representing the upper part of the Porrentruy Member of the upper Courgenay Formation. 2 above the base are angular lithoclasts, terebratulid brachiopods and solitary corals with a diameter of 1 em. 4 m of the bed is less porous. The uppermost 20 em are thoroughly bioturbated. The upper bedding plane is covered with a thick limonite crust. Above the crust is a marly seam that marks the base of the Reuchenette Formation.

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