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Sweden Switzerland Medical practitioner. A forensic surgeon and a pediatrician. South Africa Wherever possible, by pediatricians or gynecologists. Smaller hospitals by nonspecialist physicians. Generally speaking, public health officers qualified in clinical forensic medicine. Malaysia The Netherlands Spain Forensic pathologists and pediatricians. Israel Physicians with forensic training are rarely involved in initial examination and assessment. Forensic physicians tend to get involved at a later stage of investigation.

For example, in the leading Australian case (12), the court imposed a duty to warn about risks of remote (1 in 14,000) but serious complications of elective eye surgery, even though professional opinion in Australia at the time gave evidence that they would not have warned of so remote a risk. In the United States and Canada, the law about the duty to warn of risks and adverse outcomes has long been much more stringent. Many (but not all) US courts recognize a duty on a doctor to warn a patient of the risks inherent in the treatment proposed.

Ideally joint examinations (guidelines for the assessment have been issued). England and Wales Germany Nigeria Forensic medical officers or pediatricians. Response Australia Scotland Who undertakes the forensic medical examination and assessment of alleged child victims of sexual assault? Question H 18 Payne-James Pediatricians in smaller hospitals by nonspecialist physicians. 19 Same as for an adult. See previous answer to question E. Younger than 16 yr: doctors at University Children Hospital (Trauma-X group).

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