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The unparalleled and tragic occasions in long island, Washington and Pennsylvania left an indelible mark on international politics. Civilian deaths in bad conditions caused an uncompromising reaction from the U.S. management and its allies: an open-ended 'war on terrorism'. This anthology contains many of the world's major commentators - Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Naomi Klein, John Pilger, Paul Foot and A.Sivanandan. It offers available, particular and infrequently deeply own debts of the aftermath, the bombing of Afghanistan and the doubtful claims for its legality. From investigative newshounds to serious teachers, human rights attorneys and anti-racist campaigners, the participants are united of their competition to army intervention in Afghanistan and past and to the assault on civil liberties within the US, the united kingdom and Europe. From the U.S. and Canada, Herman and Julia Schwendinger, Jonathan Farley, Tony Platt, Cecilia O'Leary, Christian Parenti and Michael Mandel are between severe lecturers who investigate the validity, lawfulness and political effects of the Bush/Blair schedule. eu dependent commentators contain Martti Gronfors and Thomas Mathiesen. analyzing the the context and rhetoric people vengeance -- ennobled through the symbolic name 'Enduring Freedom' -- they problem political and well known definitions, constructions,pathologisation and reporting of terrorism. In wondering the illustration of battle as 'just', the anthology specializes in civilian deaths in Afghanistan, facts of US/allied atrocities, violations of prisoners' rights and US decision to boost army offensives, despite international destabilisation.

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They are the same people welcomed by similar scenes of jubilation in 1992, who then killed an estimated 50,000 in four years of internecine feuding. The new heroes have so far tortured and executed at least 100 prisoners of war, and countless others, as well as looted food supplies and re-established their monopoly on the heroin trade. This week [November 19], Amnesty International made an unusually blunt statement that was buried in the news. It ought to be emblazoned across every front page and television screen.

Its distinguishing characteristic was the vast wealth of the irresponsible and greedy few and the indescribable poverty, hunger and thirst of the many. That doesn’t excuse the fanatical and suicidal terrorism of September 11. But it helps to explain it. And if the gap between rich and poor is allowed to grow, terrorism will grow too. These alternatives do not require dropping a single bomb or killing a single innocent person. Every one of them would do more to combat terrorism than all the cruise missiles dropped on Kabul and Kandahar.

The Taliban duly moved to the top of the media’s league table of demons, where the normal exemptions apply. For example, Vladimir Putin’s regime in Moscow, the killers of at least 20,000 people in Chechnya, is exempt. Last week, Putin was entertained by his new ‘close friend’, George W Bush, at Bush’s Texas ranch. Bush and Blair are permanently exempt – even though more Iraqi children die every month, mostly as a result of the Anglo-American embargo, than the total number of dead in the twin towers, a truth that is not allowed to enter public consciousness.

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