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Justin was taught to sit on the mat during instructional time (instead of rolling around). Whenever he did that he received an immediate ‘thumbs up’ sign and a wink. When Ben spoke quietly (according to the plan) in class time I would quietly say ‘Ben’, followed by the privately understood signal. Sometimes I would catch him looking at me and I’d return a wink and give him a ‘thumbs up’ sign. During the rehearsal phase the student can be introduced to these simple cues to remind him of elements of his plan.

Off you go …’ During the rehearsal session the teacher gives feedback to the child and fine-tunes the elements of the plan. ‘Do you understand what you have to do? OK, say it to me. Show me. Well done. ’ One of the most common rehearsals my colleagues and I have conducted is helping the child to reduce motoric restlessness (seat wandering) and increasing on-task time. To enable the child to focus on a set time to stay on (and in) task, my colleagues and I use variable egg-timers (three to five minutes).

113) the development and focus of the first behaviour targets within the behaviour recovery process. It is crucial that the classroom teacher is given assurance and reassurance from senior staff, and that he or she will be supported through the setting up and development of any Behaviour Recovery programme. qxd 16/1/04 2:58 pm Page 27 EXPLORING KEY FEATURES OF BEHAVIOUR RECOVERY 27 The one-to-one sessions The purposes of the one-to-one sessions are to: • • • • • Clarify the specific behaviours to the student and explain why these behaviours are wrong.

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