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ISBN-13: 9780231540957

How can a person who condemns looking, animal farming, and animal experimentation additionally desire criminal abortion, that's the planned destruction of a human fetus? The authors of thrashing Hearts target to reconcile this obvious clash and think about the strangely comparable strategic and tactical questions confronted through activists within the pro-life and animal rights movements.

Beating Hearts keeps that sentience, or the facility to have subjective stories, grounds a being's entitlement to ethical obstacle. The authors argue that almost all human exploitation of animals is unjustified. Early abortions don't contradict the sentience precept simply because they precede fetal sentience, and Beating Hearts explains why the mere strength for sentience doesn't create ethical entitlements. overdue abortions do bring up severe ethical questions, yet forcing a lady to hold a baby to time period is frustrating as a sort of gender-based exploitation. those moral explorations result in a much wider dialogue of the concepts deployed by way of the pro-life and animal rights activities. may still felony reforms precede or stick to attitudinal adjustments? Do gory pictures win over or alienate supporters? Is violence ever principled? via probing the connections among debates approximately abortion and animal rights, Beating Hearts makes use of each one hugely contested set of inquiries to make clear the opposite.

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We think that explains why the pro-life movement has waged a vigorous campaign against “partial-birth” abortion and in favor of laws regarding fetal pain21—a topic to which we will return in chapters 4 and 5. By focusing on fetuses that are sufficiently developed to feel pain, the movement appeals to people who (regardless of how they would express their views) believe that sentience grounds interests, which in turn makes a sentient fetus the proper object of moral concern. Fetal sentience, however, is not necessary to the standard prolife case against abortion.

However, anyone who accepts the overwhelming scientific evidence for evolution would expect most human capacities to be found to varying degrees in at least some other animals. And indeed, just as we see obvious morphological similarities between humans Sentience or Species? 40 However, none of these capacities is necessary for moral consideration. If one asks why the torture of a human being is wrong, surely the answer has nothing to do with the particular torture victim’s ability to play the piano, to dial 911, or to write in a diary.

Noonan’s example, however, concerns the morality of killing an unknown entity, given various odds that the entity is currently a human being. With respect to the zygote, the pertinent probabilities revolve around what will happen in nine months because we already know what it is today. With respect to the movement in the bushes, by contrast, the shooter is attempting to calculate who is now behind those bushes, not what he or she will later become. The question of whether the shooter acts wrongly by firing at the movement in the bushes has no clear relevance to the question of whether it is wrong to kill a zygote (or egg or sperm), even if we know with certainty that the zygote (or egg or sperm) would otherwise become a person.

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