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Basics images 03: shooting color supplies readers a entire creation to the topic of color and the way to grasp its use within the strategy of photographic image-making.

The subject matters mentioned variety from uncomplicated color concept to the color temperature of sunshine and the way to take advantage of color to maximise the impression of compositions. an entire and intimate figuring out of color is essential to the production of dramatic, emotive and robust photographic images.

The means we elect to take advantage of color will significantly impression the luck of our image-making.

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Experiment with your use of colour and learn from the effectiveness of your results. Traffic light (right) Red is considered to represent danger. Its immediate impact means that it is used internationally as the signal to stop. This is emphasised by the stop light’s inclusion in an otherwise uncluttered monochromatic composition. Photographer: Mellik Tamas. 9, ISO 200, Aperture Priority. Winter scene (facing opposite) The trees covered in frost stand in perfect isolation with no other confusing elements in the frame.

The electromagnetic spectru m Violet Blue Green Yellow Orange Red 380-420 nm 420-490 nm 490-570 nm 490-570 nm 590-630 nm 630-750 nm Visible Light Wavelength (vm) 10 -6 10 -5 Gamma Rays 10 -4 10 -3 X-Rays 10 -3 10 -1 Ultraviolet 1 10 10 1 Thermal Infared 10 2 10 3 10 4 Microwave 10 5 10 6 10 7 TV/Radio Near Infared Frequency increases Wavelength increases electromagnetic spectrum the spectrum that describes radiation of varying wavelengths from radio waves to gamma waves of which visible light is just a small part electron volt a standard unit of energy equal to the energy acquired by an electron accelerating through a potential difference of one volt far infrared electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 30,000 and 100,000 nanometres.

Photographer: Phil Malpas. 0L USM at 20mm, Aperture Priority, exposure 1/4 second at F22, ISO 100, White Balance. Light Infrared An alternative method for producing exciting images is to use your digital camera to record images in the infrared part of the spectrum. The colours obtained can range between extremely subtle, almost monochrome to outrageously colourful depending on the camera, filters and post-processing that you apply. Bembridge Windmill, Isle of W i g h t The camera used to capture this NIR image has had its hot mirror replaced with an internal filter that blocks all visible light and only allows infrared radiation to reach the CCD.

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