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By Sherwood Smith

ISBN-10: 1101581603

ISBN-13: 9781101581605

Emras, a scribe assigned to the clever and lovely Princess Lasva of Colend, is on trial. yet why? Emras had observed Lasva to the barbaric, martial land of Marloven Hesea years prior to so Lasva may perhaps subscribe to her betrothed, a Marloven prince. yet ahead of Emras left Colend, she used to be charged with a mystery venture from her queen: to observe her new domestic for indicators of the insidious and unsafe effect of Norsunder—a magical land as soon as considered legend, yet referred to now to exist.

What went incorrect? If Emras was once performing on orders from her queen, why is she on trial now?

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Base Cost: 4; half to maintain. Time to cast: Same as Windstorm. Prerequisite: Windstorm. Lightning Missile Lets spellcaster shoot a bolt of lightning from his fingertip. A good missile spell (see p. 11); not as destructive as Fireball, but accurate at longer ranges. It has SS 13, Acc +3, ½D 50, Max 100. Tends to short out electronic equipment when used in a high-tech environment. However, a lightning bolt cannot be fired through a metal grid, between bars, from within a car, etc. - it will jump to the metal and be lost.

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