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In line with this goal, the Ba'thists sponsored and organized a number of Palestinian The S t r u c t u r e of Escalation 37 groups, t h e most well known of which was F a t a h , F a t a h raids, in turn, led to Israeli reprisals. Even though the Ba'th conceived of itself as being surrounded on all sides by e n e m i e s , this t h r e a t from outside was not sufficiently salient t o repress i n t r a e l i t e conflicts: a) In t h e 'Alawi community itself. Generals al-Asad and Jadid w e r e rivals for control of t h e s t a t e , a rivalry t h a t had both personal and familial components as well.

Western e d u c a t e d Arabs appear on t h e outside to be as modern and swinging as their European c o u n t e r p a r t s - 26 Arab-Israeli Military/Political Relations except where it comes to their womenfolk. In Lebanon, t h e r e w e r e perhaps as many female victims of the traditional but large scale feuding between various Lebanese factions t h a t ultimately e s c a l a t e d into civil war in t h e fall of 1973. Where the deaths of men were openly a d m i t t e d by all sides, the deaths of women were not.

This behavior ultimately triggered a whole series of calculated Egyptian snubs: plans, drafted in 1969, for an Egyptian/Libyan federation were scuttled by t h e Egyptians. L a t e r , al-Qadhafi was not informed of t h e O c t o b e r 1973 a t t a c k , which made him look t h e fool. After t h a t War, ex-King Idris was invited t o the wedding of al-Sadat's daughter, while al-Qadhafi was not (a subtle c o m m e n t on al-Qadhafi's political stability within Libya). The upshot of all this interpersonal hostility was a t least one Libyan sponsored a t t e m p t on al-Sadat's life, extensive sabotage a c t i v i t y , and verbal fireworks on all sides.

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