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This unique research of sixties radicalism attracts on quite a lot of infrequent and full of life resources. Stephens reviews traditional narratives of the period, arguing that the main particular varieties of sixties protest are usually marginalized. She locates postmodern impulses within the protest of the sixties, and demanding situations the relationship usually made among the failure of sixties radicalism and modern political disengagement. Stephens deals new interpretations of the connection among the sixties and the present political and theoretical panorama.

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This was especially true of incidents involving psychedelic drugs. 37 This sense of the impoverishment of explanation was extended to events such as political rallies and demonstrations. 38 Jerry Rubin demonstrates a similar resistance to the confines of language and its use in advertising in the following: A dying culture destroys everything it touches. Language is one of the first things to go. Nobody really communicates with words any more. Words have lost their ability to shock and make love.

If publications such as the Barb mirrored rather than critiqued the self-image of the movement, then it is hardly surprising that later decades appeared so bewilderingly bleak and disappointing by comparison. The third element pervading the retrospective views on the sixties is a concern to narrativize key events and experiences of the day under the rubric of coming to terms with the supposed demise of sixties radicalism. Yet, regardless of which incidents are selected and retold, conclusions about the failure or death of the sixties remain consistent throughout this literature.

At the Pentagon demonstration, Rubin addressed the soldiers: 'We're really brothers because we grew up listening to the same radio and TV. programs ... I didn't get my ideas from Mao, Lenin or Ho Chi Minh. 90 In blurring all distinctions, the distinction between the counter- An Anti-Disciplinary Politics 41 culture and 'straight' society - always troublesome and never the 180-degree antagonism implied by Roszak - also became obscure. This fact was frequently noted by Hoffman and Rubin in comments about the way in which US society had become more Yippie than the Yippies: LBJ called a press conference.

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