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Within the conflict on medications, kids are at the entrance traces. is simply announcing no defense adequate? The authors research the result of renowned institution drug prevention courses to figure out how potent they're at decreasing cocaine use and even if those courses are cash good spent, compared to drug-enforcement or drug-treatment courses.

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These numbers are of limited interest in themselves; they need to be compared with cost-effectiveness estimates for other cocaine control strategies (all of which were based on full accounting of costs). 3 for the following programs: Coca leaf eradication and seizures of coca base, cocaine paste, and cocaine in the source countries. Extended sentences for typical cocaine dealers. Interdicting cocaine en route from source countries. Expanding the mix of enforcement strategies used against typical dealers before the advent of mandatory sentencing.

L. 100-690) that was mandated by the Anti-Drug Abuse Act Amendments of 1988. It was intended to respond to policymakers' questions concerning the state of knowledge about prevention, but it did not address cost-effectiveness. The net result of these past efforts is that many scholars seem favorably disposed toward prevention generally. But skeptics are beginning to raise concerns about some of the evaluations that have been done and whether indeed prevention is cost-effective (or effective, for that matter) (Gorman, 1995; Moskowitz, 1993; Lynskey, 1998).

These sources do not give us the effectiveness value we want: They do not tell us how much consumption is reduced overall. We need to figure that out by applying the inferred percentage decrease in cocaine consumption to the total usage. We discuss these factors in reverse ordertotal usage (number of users times amount per user), then percentage decrease in usage. Finally, we discuss the dis- Page 13 count rate, which ensures that future benefits and costs are valued appropriately, relative to current ones.

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