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By Steven Pressman (eds.)

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Incessant change in products, production methods, and the relocation of production to serve new market areas necessarily involves the restructuring of social life. Given the requisite mobility of the factors of production, this incessant restructuring drives factor owners in new directions sectorally and geographically. Hence the destruction and reallocation of existing values and income bases which pave the way for new values and income bases cannot be separated from the destruction of existing "social capital" as it is now called.

These solutions all presume the legitimacy of the pragmatic state using its taxing authority to insure safe childcare and enhance the economic provisioning process. Third, programs and facilities need to be assessed for quality and for the efficiency with which it is meeting its citizen needs. When needs are unaddressed, or if new needs emerge, the institutional structure needs to be adjusted. The process of adjusting policy does not end unless the need for childcare disappears; then the resources used on childcare should be reallocated.

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