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By Anton Strout

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AN outdated buddy OF THE FAMILY...

Alexandra Belarus is a suffering artist dwelling in long island urban, even if her kinfolk is wealthy in genuine property, together with a towering, gothic Gramercy Park development equipped through her great-great grandfather. however the fact of her bloodline is printed whilst she is attacked within the streets and stored through an inhumanly robust winged determine. A determine that is aware the Belarus name...

Lexi's great-great grandfather was once a spellmason—an artisan who may possibly paintings magic on stone. yet in his day, darkish forces labored opposed to him and his, so he left a spell of safeguard on his relations. Now that Lexi is at risk, the spell has awoken her ancestor's such a lot relied on and fearsome construction: a gargoyle named Stannis.

Lexi and Stannis are both shocked to discover themselves certain. yet as they learn how to interact, they notice that they wish one another to save lots of the town they either love...

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Some 150 pages of fine, thin paper rest between the bindings; about half of those pages bear the writings of Darsson, also known as the Spellmaker of Ravens Bluff. Unlike many of the other books, librams, and tomes described thus far, Darsson’s Notes was penned by a mage who still lives, Darsson Spellmaker. Darsson is young (as mages go), having not yet passed 50 years. He was given the name Sen when he was born in Halruaa nearly a half-century ago, and he is the son of an Elder of that nation, Dar Malson.

The book is bound in rich red leather (purported to be the skin of a salamander) that is warm to the touch; Daltim’s dragon-like sigil is impressed on the front cover. Daltim’s fiery protector has been placed on the book, as has Daltim’s proof against fire; both of these new spells can be found in the book (and are described here). Daltim’s Tome of Fire is similar to Darsson’s Notes (see page 41) in two significant ways. First, it is penned by a Halruan mage. Second, the mage Daltim Flamefist is still living.

Darsson’s Cooling Breeze (Alteration, Evocation) Level: 2 Range: 0 Components: V, S, M Duration: 4 hours/level Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: 5-foot/level diameter Saving Throw: None This spell is a less powerful but longer lasting version of the gust of wind spell. The caster can place the effect on an object or at a specific point. When cast, the air about this point moves slowly clockwise around the center. The air movement will not move faster than 5 mph, about the same as a ceiling fan, and is far too weak to move a sailing ship, for example.

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