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By Chris Sims, Logan Bonner, Eytan Bernstein

ISBN-10: 0786949783

ISBN-13: 9780786949786

Hundreds of thousands of recent guns, instruments, and magic goods to your D&D character.

This complement for the Dungeons & Dragons online game provides hundreds of thousands of magic goods, guns, instruments, and different worthwhile goods to your D&D personality. no matter if you're a participant searching for a brand new piece of kit or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this e-book has precisely what you need.The e-book incorporates a mixture of vintage goods up to date to the 4th version principles and brand-new goods by no means sooner than noticeable in D&D.

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Lvl 3 +1 680 gp Lvl 18 +4 85,000 gp Lvl 8 +2 3,400 gp Lvl 23 +5 425,000 gp Lvl 13 +3 17,000 gp Lvl 28 +6 2,125,000 gp Armor: Any Enhancement: AC Power (Daily ✦ Teleportation): Move Action. Use this power when you are adjacent to a wall to teleport to the other side of the wall. This teleport does not require line of sight and moves you no more than 3 squares (allowing you to teleport past a wall no more than 2 squares thick). If you attempt to teleport into an occupied square, you go nowhere; your move action is not spent, but the daily power is expended.

Lifegiving Armor Loamweave Armor ARMOR Irrefutable Armor 47 7/3/08 3:15:56 PM Mirrorsheen Coat Level 9+ Magic woven into this armor makes it highly reflective and bright. It’s effective against radiant energy and gaze attacks. Lvl 9 +2 4,200 gp Lvl 24 +5 525,000 gp Lvl 14 +3 21,000 gp Lvl 29 +6 2,625,000 gp Lvl 19 +4 105,000 gp Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide Enhancement: AC Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to all defenses against radiant and gaze attacks. An attacker that hits you with such an attack takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of its next turn.

Level 7: +10 vs. Reflex. Level 12: +15 vs. Reflex. Level 17: +20 vs. Reflex. Level 22: +25 vs. Reflex. Level 27: +30 vs. Reflex. CH APTER 1 | Equipment 7/3/08 3:12:53 PM A LC H E M I C A L I T E M S Tracking Dust Universal Solvent Level: 4 Category: Other Time: 1 hour Component Cost: See below Market Price: 160 gp Key Skill: Nature or Thievery (no check) Level: 10 Category: Other Time: 30 minutes Component Cost: See below Market Price: 600 gp Key Skill: Arcana or Thievery (no check) This fine dust is typically applied in areas where you are searching for existing tracks or where you want to detect a creature passing through at a later time.

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