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Also, T lymphocytes originate from the bone marrow and they migrate to the thymus to develop into functionally mature T cells. B and T cells are involved in specific immunity. Granulocytes and monocytes have certain nonspecific functions in immunological defense. , 1979). , 1975). Both helper/inducer and suppressor/cytotoxic subpopulations of T lymphocytes can be infected in vitro (Huddlestone et al, 1980; Jacobson and McFarland, 1984; Hyypiä et al, 1985). Because the lymphocytes are able to survive in the human body even for several years, it has been speculated that measles virus may be modulated in these cells and carried to the CNS to cause chronic infection.

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Krystal et al. (1982) showed that ascorbic acid increased the incorporation of [3H]thymidine in rabbit chondrocytes in monolayer and organ culture. The same effect was observed in human chondrocytes when the medium was supplemented with human serum. An increase in sulfated proteoglycan biosynthesis was also observed in an organ culture system using slices of human articular cartilage in which the structural extracellular framework surrounding the chondrocytes was comparable with that present in vivo (Schwartz, 1979).

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