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This booklet presents an summary of the advancements and recommendations inside of this zone, protecting the manufacture of many differing kinds of carpet. It starts by way of discussing the different sorts and necessities of carpets, in addition to the constitution and houses of the carpet fibers and yarns which are used. The booklet then explores contemporary advancements within the manufacture of carpets. themes contain the advances in carpet weaving and the aid of static in carpets. The ebook additionally examines a range of carpet varieties, together with wool carpets, fabric activities surfaces and home made carpets. Review.a nice source to these within the carpet industry., foreign fabric and clothing organization in regards to the AuthorIndian Institute of Carpet know-how, India [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Price and availability must be considered in addition to the technical parameters, carpet type, dyeing system, etc. Probably the most important factor is price. When a blend component becomes expensive, the manufacturer usually looks for cheaper wool to replace it and there is a wide scope of choice. The spinner of weaving yarns usually considers blend, price, carpet appearance, but the spinner of tufting yarns must also consider yarn strength and has to be somewhat more critical in his blend selection.

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Serious efforts have been made to obtain a clearer backside of the carpet. There is also a growing trend towards carpets with relief, high-low effects, high pile or shaggy effects, combinations of cut pile, loop pile and flat weave effects. Key words: carpet-weaving machine, face-to-face weaving technique, Axminster weaving, Wilton and loop pile weaving, Van de Wiele. 1 Introduction For a long time, high production output and high speed were the most important factors in the new developments for the carpet weaving industry.

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