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62 mm calibre projectile. 62 mm calibre projectile. 08 wt. 13 wt. 31 wt. 75 wt. 92 wt. % reduced the existence of void and improved the interface condition. Increasing Cu content and Mg content both independently in combination improved the hardness of the Al-7Si matrix. The rolling process at room temperature with 10 % reduction improved the hardness and ultimate tensile strength of the composite. 41 %. The developed steel wire rope – reinforced aluminium composite can endure a 9 mm calibre projectile of the ballistic testing type II although some cracks are visible.

These values were significantly lower than the GFRP laminate. Although natural fiber’s mechanical properties are much lower than those of glass fibers, their specific properties especially stiffness are comparable to the stated values of glass fibers. Besides that, natural fibers are about 50 % lighter than glass and generally cheaper [13]. Experimental Method The experimental method describes in details the materials and its fundamental constituents, the specimen preparation for the fabrication of woven coir and kevlar reinforced epoxy composite, the experimental test methods and facilities according to standards.

Various configurations with different extent of damage areas can be noticed. Figure 4a showed a heavy uneven crack damaged exerted on the specimens. The damage was observed as a combination of matrix crack, fiber breakage and perforation. Figure 4b and c specimen suffered perforation with small diameter of hole (smaller than KK specimen) but fracture occurred in a straight line. The fracture was found to be in between kevlar yarns. This was observed as matrix crack and coir fiber breakage occurred more than kevlar fiber.

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