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By Beverly Conyers

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Witnessing the habit of a loved one or friend is a heart-rending adventure. yet wish can be successful, as proven during this compelling new ebook. the following, the gripping tales of fathers, moms, sons, and daughters of addicts provide vital classes on loving, detachment, intervention, and self care.

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Another mother told me of a similar experience with her 35 36 Addict in the Family son, a thirty-two-year-old licensed electrician. “He used to be so responsible,” she said. “He made good money and had some close friends, and I thought he was set for life. Oh, I knew he smoked pot, but I didn’t consider it a problem. Then everything fell apart. He stopped paying his rent. He wrecked his truck and lost his job. We all saw him less and less. Looking back, there were plenty of red flags, but I didn’t see them.

That the addicted brain loses its power to recognize danger became clear to me when my daughter described attending the funeral of a heroin addict who had died of an overdose. I asked if seeing the effects of heroin had frightened her into wanting to get clean. ’” She also told me that her boyfriend had OD’d several times, and she described one scene in some detail: “We had The Beast Inside just shot up, and I was nodding on the couch. For some reason I opened my eyes, and I saw him facedown on the floor.

That is, our beliefs about ourselves play a tremendous role in determining our path in life. If we believe we are deserving and capable, we are likely to make choices and take chances that may promote our well-being. Their self-talk and “stinking thinking” are apt to include messages that prolong and deepen their addiction. Jane recalled some of her own self-talk during her period of deepest addiction: “I always believed in God, but I just thought God made all sorts of people. That’s what I thought.

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