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By Bridget Somekh

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This ebook provides a clean view of motion study as a strategy uniquely fitted to gaining knowledge of the techniques of innovation and alter. Drawing on twenty-five years' adventure of best or facilitating motion study tasks, Bridget Somekh argues that motion study could be a strong systematic intervention, which matches past describing, examining and theorizing practices to reconstruct and remodel these practices. The ebook examines motion learn into switch in a number of academic settings, comparable to faculties and school rooms, collage departments, and a countrywide review of expertise in colleges. the outlet bankruptcy provides 8 methodological rules and discusses key methodological matters. the focal point then turns to motion learn in broader contexts reminiscent of 'southern' international locations, future health, company and administration, and group improvement.

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Walker’s book presents a critical reflection on the action research study she carried out with teachers in the Bantu education system that existed in South Africa until the end of apartheid in 1993. The original study was her doctoral thesis; the book contains considerable additional material including reflections on extracts from the thesis. She writes as a white South African whose purpose in carrying out action research with teachers in black African schools was to assist their professional development.

Fals-Borda and Mora-Osejo (2003a) provide an interesting analysis of the divergence in academic culture, and in particular in understandings of the nature of knowledge, between their own country of Columbia and Eurocentric countries such as the USA, Britain and Australia. They describe how during the 1950s their knowledge of ‘the unique characteristics of the BL2220-04-chap 02 36 1/11/05 20:34 Page 36 ACTION RESEARCH tropical milieu in the Amazonian and Andean regions’ was challenged by orthodox scientific knowledge developed in first world countries.

Elliott (1989), in common with other action research theorists, explains the nature of professional action drawing on Aristotle’s ways of knowing, in particular drawing a distinction between techne (technical knowledge involving building something new) and phronesis (knowledge that combines reason and moral understanding as the basis for action). Carr and Kemmis (1983) further explain the distinction for the Greeks between the kind of practical action (poietike) that draws on techne and the practical, morally informed action (praxis) that draws on phronesis (Carr and Kemmis 1983: 33–4).

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