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Writer James D. Slack courses the reader via an in-depth exam of coverage towards existence and demise within the usa. interpreting human existence from the viewpoint of Imago Dei—the concept of being made in God’s image—Slack argues that the taking of human existence is the termination of clone of God. meant to remind voters and governments in their responsibilities to figure out ethical fact, this quantity makes use of theocentric phenomenology to target the intimate results of abortion and capital punishment. Abortion choices in addition to execution choices are explored as how you can motivate a coverage that affirms life.

This quantity intends to reconcile the reality present in the area with the reality present in scripture. to take action, Slack reviews the intimate results of homicide, abortion, and capital punishment. utilizing a strategy of direct commentary and qualitative open-ended conversations, Slack interviewed eighty-one humans approximately abortion and its possible choices, the loss of life penalty and its possible choices, and justice in society. This moment variation is totally revised, putting better emphasis at the suggestions of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and contains a new bankruptcy.

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This is reflective of the Founders’ fear about theocratic tendencies. People may read scripture with a selective eye toward what they want and thereby justify decisions not necessarily grounded in the Word. The same is true about superficial or biased searches of the real—it can be used to limit one’s perspective to fit comfortably into one’s ideology or bigotry. There is another reason to strive for harmony on that weighted bar. Recall Bonhoeffer’s claim that truth found in the real must remain in unity with truth found in scripture.

We learned to call lies just uniting ourselves with the unjust. When violence was done to the weak, Our cold eyes did not speak . . . Shrinking from pain and poor in deeds, We have betrayed Thee before men. Though we saw lies raise their head, We dishonored the truth instead. We saw brothers dying while we had breath and feared only our own death . . 3. ” what can he teach us about truth in such an environment? His quest for the intimacy of truth was apparent in his reactions to experiences under the Nazi regime.

Summary of Judeo-Christian scripture and other sacred documents: moral truth about life and death. Moral Issue Old Testament New Testament Jewish Law Early Christian Documents Sanctity of Life Valued: Imago Dei Valued: Imago Dei Valued: Imago Dei Valued: Imago Dei Abortion Not Supported Not Supported Opposed: unless mother will die or be severely injured from pregnancy Opposed: no justification of deliberate killing of unborn Capital Punishment Mixed: Lex Talionis, with examples of forgiveness Mixed: commandment to love and forgive, but no opposition to executions; government is God’s agent Supported: but with restrictive qualifications Supported: civil leaders had God-given authority to execute, but Christians could not participate ­ ocuments underscore scripture or explain when deviation is perd mitted.

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