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After writing a profitable memoir, Donald Miller's existence stalled. in the course of what must have been the peak of his luck, he stumbled on himself unwilling to get off the bed, keeping off accountability, even wondering the that means of lifestyles. but if motion picture manufacturers proposed turning his memoir right into a motion picture, he came across himself embarked on a brand new tale packed with chance, chance, good looks, and meaning.

A Million Miles in one thousand Years chronicles Miller's infrequent chance to edit his existence right into a nice tale, to reinvent himself so not anyone shrugs their shoulders while the credit roll. via heart-wrenching honesty and hilarious self-inspection, Donald Miller takes readers during the existence that emerges whilst it turns from dull truth into significant narrative.

Miller is going from napping all day to driving his motorcycle throughout the US, from dwelling in romantic daydreams to anxious encounters with love, from losing his cash to founding a nonprofit with a passionate reason. Guided through a bunch of outlandish yet very actual characters, Miller exhibits us the way to get a moment probability at existence the 1st time round. A Million Miles in one thousand Years is an extraordinary occasion of the wonderful thing about life.

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