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We also discussed two methods for integrating studies of microsocial processes into population designs: multistage sampling, which represents an efficient and economical approach to maintaining the representativeness of the individuals studied at the microsociallevel within a population design, and case-control designs, which are more appropriate when the phenomena of interest is quite rare. Finally, we described the advantages of the public health perspective, which includes increased access to the populations of interest, more rapid diffusion of innovative interventions, and greater integration of those interventions into the social institutions responsible for the public's mental health.

The conceptualization of the process is the same thing as the design of the study that is conducted, which is the same thing as the statistical model that is analyzed to yield the results. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, the theory is the study is the model. Here we describe the conceptual tools used in constructing a model. As will become evident, these cover the design of the study as well as the initial construc- TESTING MODELS AND FRAMEWORKS 31 tion (technically termed specification) of a statistical model.

Snow, J. (1849). On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera. London Medical Gazette, 44, 745-752, 923-929. Tweed, D. , Goldsmith, H. , Jackson, D. , Rae, D. , & Kramer, M. (1990). Racial congruity as a contextual correlate of mental disorder. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 60, 392-402. , & Finnegan, J. R. (1994). Communities mobilizing for change on alcohol: Design of a randomized community trial. Journal of Community Psychology, CSAP Special Issue, 79-101. , & Adnopoz, J. (1992).

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