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Insulation by peers. As adults they associated almost exclusively with moderate drinkers, often other Jews. When they observed others drinking badly, they rejected those people. As one subject in the study said: “This one guy was making a real ass of himself. He’d had too much to drink and it made everyone uncomfortable. I guess our friends just are not heavy drinkers. . ” Refusal skills. ” A typical respondent declared, “If everybody is drinking and I feel like having a drink I’ll have a drink.

How do so many people leave addictions behind? The answer, we will see, does not involve a magic bullet. Rather, we all understand what the building blocks for living are, what it takes to lead a full and satisfying life. The same building blocks are needed to overcome addiction, whether on your own or through treatment. Only we have been intimidated from focusing on them by the idea that addiction is a special medical condition that, say Leshner and other researchers who approach addiction as he does, we will one day have a drug to cure.

In fact, we know that these two hypothetical children are not equally likely to become drug addicts, and research on high-risk children, which I review later in the book, proves what you already know to be true. Social Class and Addiction Newspapers and experts love to warn that addiction and alcoholism strike doctors as well as day laborers, professors as well as bus drivers, politicians as well as gardeners, and so on. Data from epidemiologic research about drinking in the United States shows that this is not true.

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